All attention shift towards Kim Jong Un’s powerful sister

All attention shift towards Kim Jong Un’s powerful sister

Amidst speculation over Kim Jong Un’s health, the male-dominated power of the Kim dynasty is mostly going to shift. Subsequently, this time it might be a woman taking over the male-dominated Kim dynasty. And, she is North Korean chief, Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, who will most likely be his successor.

About Kim Yo Jong

It’s true that Yo Jong lacks the high-fade bouffant of the previous male ruler of the Kim dynasty. But she possesses all the knowledge about her brother’s secrecy and missions regarding the entire country of North Korea. Further, she takes the lead when it comes to lashing at their party’s political adversaries. And, lot of other things about Yo Jong remains to be a mystery.
There is still no revelation about Kim Yo Jong’s age. But a few reports suggest from South Korea indicate that she is in her early 30s. And, Yo Jong is nearly six years younger than Kim Jong Un.

Kim Yo Jong’s sister’s last statement

Yo Jong has always kept a very low profile and doesn’t make any outrageous remarks against anybody publicly. During the month of March, she releases her first public statement mocking the South Korean government. Further, she even calls South Korea as a dog which is continuously barking due to fear of North Korea.

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