Facebook will steer users who spread the wrong information in Facebook

Yesterday Facebook announced that they would begin to alert Facebook users who spread incorrect information on covid19. If a user will like, comment, or react in any post related to misinformation that Facebook has flagged and removed as harmful about covid19, then the user will be directed to a website debunking coronavirus myths from WHO.
This announcement came through a blog that is written by the vice president Guy Rosen. He said that they want to connect people who may have misleading by showing the harmful contents of the virus. This step is taken by Facebook to promote facts and guidance from the sources of WHO. It is helpful for users because many people spread misinformation about covid19 on social media. Almost everyone in the world uses Facebook, twitter, youtube, and other social sites, and they may believe in these types of fake news. Facebook has also provided free ads of coronavirus to guide people. Facebook banned many advertisements that promote fake coronavirus news. At this moment, Facebook and other social sites need to be honest about the seriousness of covid19. People’s lives could be at risk by watching the fake content about coronavirus.

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