Samsung announces blood pressure monitoring

Today Samsung announced that MFDS had approved the Samsung health monitor app this morning. This monitoring app will be available for the users of galaxy watch. It enables you to measure or track your blood pressure quickly.This app is helpful for the millions of people around the world who are affected by high blood pressure and don’t have that much time to go for a checkup regularly. High blood pressure is a disease, and the millions of people suffered from this worldwide. It increases the chances of brain stroke, kidney or heart disease if you do not take proper treatment. By this app, Samsung health monitor app gives people the best gift, which allows them to spend a healthier life.
If you have a galaxy watch active two devices, then you can calibrate your device with a cuff then tap on “measure” your blood pressure anytime, anywhere. The device measures your blood pressure through your pulse.It suggests that if you need the accurate result, then calibrate your device at least twice in a month. This app will be available on the galaxy watch active2 soon, and it will expand to upcoming galaxy watch devices also.

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