Demi Lovato gives her ex-boyfriend well wishes for his engagement

Finally, Demi Lovato breaks her silence after three months of her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama’s engagement. Previously, Wilmer Valderrama announces that he will be marrying Amanda Pacheco.
Following a three months-long wait, the 27-year-old pop-singer shares her well-wishes regarding Wilmer’s wedding news. During her recent interview, she reveals that she is happy for both of them.
Demi Lovato was in a relationship with the 40-year-old actor for six long years until 2016 when they decided to part ways. The singer was 18 years old when she had first met Wilmer Valderrama.

Demi Lovato’s statements from the interview

Initially, Demi Lovato says that she is extremely happy for him. Further, she expresses her good wishes and always wants nothing but the best for Wilmer. The singer also states that both of them are not in contact anymore and haven’t spoken for a long time.
Demi continues by admitting that she needed that breakup as she was seeking some personal space. And, she says that after the breakup, she is learning how to be okay by herself. Lastly, Demi expresses about her feeling about what she missed during her six years-long relationship. Finally, she says that she is getting to know herself better now, and this helps her make wise decisions in life.

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